Tucked in the east side of Calgary’s downtown is a deli that seems straight off St. Lawrence Boulevard in Montreal. Its bright blue sign catches your eye, but its tagline, A MOSTLY TRADITIONAL DELI, keeps you staring and is the perfect description of the Jewish-inspired deli, Grumans Delicatessen.

The Grumans brand was started 12 years ago by Peter Fraiberg, and was named after his mother’s side of the family. He’s now joined by his sister Gail at their new location in Britannia. Conveniently located at the corner of Elbow Drive and 50th Ave SW, the new Grumans is a true deli featuring lots of take-out foods and home cooked meals in the freezer case. Breakfast and lunch are served all day and there’s catering too, with party platters for entertaining at home or for your business.



As far as the Gruman’s brand goes, you won’t confuse it with any other deli in town. It’s blunt, but sincere, like an outspoken Grandmother who’s candid and caring at the same time. The brand is witty and equally as proud to be Jewish, as it is to offer non-kosher menu items and ingredients. The “ish” in Jewish stands for classic menu options like the Reuben sandwich, loaded with cheese on meat, it’s not kosher but, oy vey, it’s delicious.

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Deli Hours

Mon - Sun: 10AM - 4PM

Grumans Delicatessen (Britannia) Inc: 5103 Elbow Dr SW, Calgary AB T2V 1H2 • Tel: (403) 452-6561